Everyone Needs...


When I was born my Dad came home with a Border Collie pup, because “every kid needs a dog”, especially a farm kid. For as long as I can remember Minnie was my companion. In the last week I have thought about her because she was the quiet soul that listened to all the huge troubles of a kid. My wo...


Our sweet city is hurting after the tragic events of Friday, August 10th.

No one could have known how the day would unfold with the loss of four lives.

I think we thought it would never happen in Fredericton.

The shock has set in and now we are left to mourn & heal.

Please, take time for yoursel...

Farming is a way of life

You know those memes where they compare what someone thinks your life is & the real picture of what you live. 

In the run of a day you might find us in the tack shop, horse or sheep barn.

As Kevin & I moved a lamb from one pen to another this morning, which was in another barn, the easiest plan wa...

We send them love...
The accident on the weekend involving the Humboldt Broncos has impacted us all. Sometimes you just feel helpless as to what you can do from one side of our great country to the other.
When I was having a difficult time, I was fortunate to have a group of people who prayed & sent love. The feeling i...
Do You Believe It...
Yes, the calendar says it’s Spring may not look like it.
Keep the faith there is more daylight & that counts for a lot.
There is all kinds of horse events being planned:
MQHA Equine Review: May 5 & 6 , Princess Louise, Sussex
Maritime Draft Horse Sale: May 25 & 26, Fredericton
Every Time , Every Ride
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First Impressions
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