It's no Secret...




The first thing the judge notices as you walk in the ring is your hat. That's why it is so important that your hat look clean & well shaped.

A few things to focus on :

   1. When purchasing a hat take time to be sure it fits well & compliments your face shape & skin tone.
   2.  Felt hats are a combination of fur & wool. The higher percentage of fur the better the quality of hat.
   3.  Store it safely in a hat can in a cool dry place. If not in a hat can store it upside down on a shelf; otherwise it will go flat.
   4.  Don't leave it in a hot vehicle.
   5.If your hat gets wet allow it to dry naturally before storing it away. {You can purchase western hat rain covers}

If you are uncertain about your hat,  drop in to North Stream & talk to Kevin our very own Hat specialist.

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