This Old Table

Can you feel the love in this old table.

We bought it one Christmas with money from my Grandparents, John & Nan Burpee.

The chairs came along  celebrating different occasions.

It has grown from the round to the oval as children came along and leaves were added.

It’s lived in two different houses and the top has road rash from the move as it spiraled off the truck across the chip seal road.

At one time masking tape names were in place to simplify “it’s my seat” confusion, matching tape was on each chair.

There have been birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases & New Years. Breakfast through supper with friends & family.

It’s served as part of our homeschool classroom. Laundry has been sorted, paperwork filed and cakes decorated.

Wow! If it could talk.

There’ve been intense discussions and just as much intense laughter.

When you put three generations of our family together, there is sure to be lots of opinions and views along with some sarcasm on any topic.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a crowd around our old table.

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