(0) High School Graduates

If you are graduating from a York County, NB, high school and entering agricultural college/university or veterinarian college/university this fall you have an opportunity to apply for this scholarship.

Lena Pond was the last surviving member of the Joslin Loyalist family that owned

farm propert...

(0) How are you?


Here we are over half through March. Longer days, muddy driveways and horse hair flying.

I just wanted to check in on you. I have to be honest I haven’t been getting enough exercise or eating as well as I could. It has been easier to put in long days at work & then kick back on the sofa.


(0) Thank You!


Last week I asked for your prayers for my shoulder and you all came through for me.

I am so much better.  Do you know it was hard to ask?  

 Usually I can get it All done and didn't want to admit I couldn't. Have you ever been in that spot?

What a year of challenges and change for everyone.


(0) Hug A Little Tighter


Our local horse community and “The Settlement” lost one of our own this week.  Patti Lipsett was a dear friend and we will miss her smile. Her time spent at barns from Town & Country, South Stream and teaching at the Fredericton Pony Club created lifelong friendships and better horsemen & horsewo...

(0) Do you need a little help shopping?

Headed into another week...

      I took things calm yesterday. Made my way to church in the morning. Although it's different, I find it comforting to see familiar faces and hear a message of hope. Bishop Miller spoke of the changes we a...
(0) It was so good to see them

Good morning. Have you finished your first cup of coffee?

I woke up early, I guess I had a lot floating around in my head.
Last night I had supper with a couple of my dearest friends. 
We hadn't been together si...

(0) Hidden away




Do you have one of these hidden in your cupboard? I got mine as a wedding gift (37 years ago) from Watson MacEvoy. He was a kind soul who assisted my learning of the Cook trade.

Did you know I am a Red Seal Cook & worked for 13 years at the DECH?  

My Grandmother had two of them. The ol...

(0) Grateful





Today marks 5 years since Dad left this earth.

I had no idea how everything would change or how I would change.

His was a life well lived with family and friends. His antics & stories entertained many.

So today as I long for his voice to call my name I am grateful for all the memories...

(1) Sometimes...


Do you ever act impulsively? Generally I function in a calm, thoughtful manner.

But occasionally I lose it. Words spew like an open flood gate.

Although the words were true, my delivery could have been better yesterday. 

Time to give ourselves grace. It has been a different life we have been...

(0) Hello Friends,


     I hope you are all well.

 First off let’s thank those people who don’t get the opportunity to isolate. What a group of heroes, truck drivers, store clerks all hospital staff and emergency workers.

             We are all well at North Stream and we are self isolating. All of our chil...