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Hello Friends,


     I hope you are all well.

 First off let’s thank those people who don’t get the opportunity to isolate. What a group of heroes, truck drivers, store clerks all hospital staff and emergency workers.

             We are all well at North Stream and we are self isolating. All of our children are at home & you know how I love that. There is lots of cooking, reading and watching Netflix. The chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting was pretty yummy. So far, the fridge is the only thing that has gotten any extra attention. There is lots I could do, if you know what I mean.

           The three dogs have seen more of us lately Amp, Hector & Josephine. Oh, and Kevin has his first lambs of the season. He hasn’t been getting as much sleep as me, there are more lambs to come. Hopefully you have some critters to take your mind off things.  

            We are all going to be ok.

Love, ya, Karen

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