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I believe it's a God thing...


Kevin & I purchased my family’s farm, in February, leading us to need a new location for our store. Keegan broke ground on March 12th at 132 Charters Settlement Road and 6 weeks later we moved in. When we thought we could not do the next step, things just divinely fell into place. All the right people showed up at exactly the right time.   People have told us since that they cannot believe how quickly it came together with the rain snow & wind.  Keegan, Luke, Jason and Kevin worked in all kinds of weather and Katelyn & Kirsten fed the crew daily for the six weeks. Our friends Wayne, Bob, David & Lucas helped us out too. 

          We could not see God’s plan for moving us out of our old store but now we see the bigger plan.

This is the nicest, most peaceful place on earth & it is our own piece of dirt.

Kevin & I have felt supported by your help & prayers through this entire process.

We are so grateful.


Karen & Kevin  

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