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It's the little things

you just need to chill, even when you’re shopping.
The two rocking chairs are here for just that reason
The older rocker was Kevin’s grandfather.
The repairs and creeks give it c...
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They Say Things Don't Last ...


Check this out. It’s a cement footing for a building my Dad built in 1959.

Recently the initials were surprisingly uncovered when Keegan decided to

raise the roof and replace the walls on this ...

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It's a Bit Tattered...



Do you have a well worn cookbook?

You know the one you reach for first everytime. I do, Betty Crocker, is my go to.

I've used this one since I graduated High School. A gift from a famil...

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Did you Win...


Yes, although the cake is gone,

the memories of our sweet grand opening aren't. I just wanted to drop you a note to say "thanks". It was a wonderful day! 

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Changing Seasons


With the shortening days & changing leaves come the thoughts of fall. The sunflowers we planted in June are still standing tall and the pumpkins are slowly ripening. I remember the day Kevin & I pl...

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