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Let's be honest...

 It’s for me…

       We all have a little something going on in our lives that is challenging. Often the sayings, pictures or advice I post on Social Media are for me too.

I have always liked livi...

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This Old Table

Can you feel the love in this old table.

We bought it one Christmas with money from my Grandparents, John & Nan Burpee.

The chairs came along  celebrating different occasions.

It has grown from ...

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Everyone Needs...


When I was born my Dad came home with a Border Collie pup, because “every kid needs a dog”, especially a farm kid. For as long as I can remember Minnie was my companion. In the last week I have tho...

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Our sweet city is hurting after the tragic events of Friday, August 10th.

No one could have known how the day would unfold with the loss of four lives.

I think we thought it would never happen in Fr...

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Farming is a way of life

You know those memes where they compare what someone thinks your life is & the real picture of what you live. 

In the run of a day you might find us in the tack shop, horse or sheep barn.

As Kevin &...

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